Hey Partner application form. Basic information.

1. Is your company affiliated or partner with CISCO/AVAYA/ALCATEL/IBM/ MICROSOFT/GOOGLE/AMAZON/DIALOGIC?
2. Is your company affiliated with any other ChatBot Supplier?
3. Have you ever worked at Isbel and/or are you working with someone at Isbel , Synapsis, or Al Instante S.A.?
4. Has your company been in operation for more than five years working with Consulting Services, Networking or Digital Marketing Solutions?
5. Has your company more than three Sales Representatives?
6. Do you expect to have any sales activity outside your country?
7. Has your company annually revenue more than 3MM USD Dollars?
8. Do you bid on Government deals? If so, do you plan on pursuing those deals as a HEY NOW Partner (your Country only)?
9. Has your company ever sold Chatbots or any product in an online marketplace or an e-commerce site, if so, which one?

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Partner Candidate Questionnaire